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The Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation, Inc. or SEIPI is the largest organization of foreign and Filipino electronics companies in the Philippines.

SEIPI, through its vision and dedication of its members, aims to make the Philippines a globally competitive business environment for semiconductor and electronics technologies. This is supported by its mission of enhancing and promoting the Philippines’ competitive advantages and growth opportunities through Training, Research and Development, Advocacy, Information, Networking and Services (T.R.A.I.N.S.).

The Semiconductor and Electronics Industry

The Philippine Electronics Industry is classified into 73% Semiconductor Manufacturing Services (SMS) and 27% Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). Most of the electronics businesses in the country operate in four key areas: Metro Manila, CALABARZON, Northern/Central Luzon and Cebu. Electronic companies in the country practice the best known methods in manufacturing with capabilities ranging from IC packaging, PCB Assembly and Full Product Assembly.

Year to date (January-October) data of 2015 shows that Philippine electronics exports has a total value of US$ 23.6 billion.  Moreover, 19% of the country’s electronics exports goes to Hongkong, followed by People’s Republic of China and Japan both at 13%. USA and Singapore completes the top five exports destination of electronics sector at 12% and 11% respectively.


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All semiconductor and electronics manufacturing firms, including other companies in the supply chain of the Philippine semiconductor and electronics industry, are welcome to join SEIPI.

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The Philippine Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition (PSECE) is the biggest annual convention and exhibition of the leading technology companies in the Philippines.



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SEIPI provides a wide range of opportunities to network through General Membership Meetings (GMMs) and Networking Committees (NWCs) activities. This extends from the top level (CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers) executives to mid-level (Directors, Managers, Supervisors) managers and to the rank and file.


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