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To acclimatize in the constant change of electronics world, SEIPI offers online advertising services for semiconductor and electronics member‐companies as well as its suppliers and vendors (nonmembers). Advertise with us to connect yourself with the right companies for your business making it easier to find a receptive market. Our goal is to actively promote your services and your company, so you can attract not just the prospective but the right clients to your company.


  • Increase brand awareness for a nominal cost
  • Certainly more effective because of its ability to elicit immediate action from a potential customer
  • Scalability and Visibility
  • Targeted Messages / Marketing
  • Availability of new online ad technology, which keep pace with the fast changing world
  • No limitations / barrier; it can be viewed day and night throughout the globe

Please read the Web Advertisement Specifications for the type of banners SEIPI offers, its costs and other applicable details below.


Banner Types

Static Banners

Banner Name File Format File Size
1 Large Leaderboard .jpg/.gif 720×300 pixels
2 Box Banner .jpg/.gif 336×280 pixels
3 Bottom Banner .jpg/.gif 728×90 pixels


  Large Leaderboard Box Banner Bottom Banner
Dimension [wxh] 720×300 336×280 728×90
File Format Static/Animated image (GIF/JPG)
Max file size 40KB
Testing All creative must function uniformly on both MAC and PC platforms as well as multiple browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.
Delivery deadline SEIPI requires that all standard creative be submitted three (3) business days prior to launch date to allow testing and approval.



A 3‐month minimum subscription is required for Banner Ad posting to give your company sufficient exposure time. Also, should you decide to pre‐terminate your ad placements, you will be charge a corresponding one‐month pre-termination fee. Web advertisements must conform to the specifications outlined above. Any editions such as extra or added effects to the submitted animated banner, redesigning or improvements to both banners are subject to additional charge. Larger size can be discussed and posted.


            – Please ensure that all the specifications are met and delivered within specified timelines. Ads that do not meet all our specifications will be rejected and this could affect the launch date of the advertisement. Any postpone advertisement caused by materials delay is not compensated.

            – SEIPI reserves the right to reject, modify or remove any advertisement in its sole discretion.

Connect to Web advertisement Insertion and Contract, and General Terms and Conditions by clicking to the link provided below. Other advertising scheme and options are available to meet your needs, you may send your inquiries to

Download Contract Here

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