Membership Benefits

SEIPI is where the leaders of the high-technology industry and other sectors involved in electronics business come together for one vision and purpose. By joining SEIPI, the members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Competency development of operators, technicians, engineers and other professionals.
  • Partnership with TESDA for the development of training regulations for operators and technical courses, and implementation of different trainings for the industry workers.

  • Enhancing the electronics industry’s capabilities by moving beyond assembly, test and packaging.
  • Creating a think tank to support the industry roadmap.
  • Partnering with the government and academe to create an environment conducive for R&D.

  • SEIPI continues its advocacy work with the different departments of the government to ensure that industry concerns are brought to the knowledge of pertinent agencies and corresponding actions are taken to benefit its general membership in particular, and the industry, in general.
    • Voice of the industry in public policy and business issues through media or public consultation.
    • Drafts position papers on industry issues such as high power cost, port congestion, etc.

  • A well-maintained industry website presents a calendar of events, upcoming activities, news highlights and announcements, publications, photos and videos, industry trends/statistics, as well as other significant information about the organization, the industry and the country.
  • Members have a direct online access to the Catalogue of SEIPI members (where company information, products and services, contact persons of the key officers and other executives, can be obtained), Member’s Corner (announces important company updates), e-Newsletter (features short articles) and Careers at SEIPI (posts job vacancies).

  • Provides a wide range of opportunities through General Membership Meetings (GMMs) and Networking Committees (NWCs) activities. This extends from the top level (CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers) to mid-level (Directors, Managers, Supervisors) and to the rank and file.
    • The GMMs are scheduled quarterly to address various industry concerns. Top-level executives network, partner and exchange information on the current state and trends in the global and Philippine semiconductor and electronics industry.
    • SEIPI has eight (8) Networking Committees (NWCs) which cover functional areas that are vital to the success of the industry. They act as the platform for benchmarking and exchange of ideas and organize a wide variety of training programs geared for current needs of the members to strengthen the global competitiveness of the industry.
    • The CEO Forum, an annual business and technology meeting among CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers and Senior Executives of the semiconductor and electronics companies in the Philippines, is held during the October GMM coincident with the Philippine Electronics Week, and the founding anniversary of SEIPI.
  • Presents ground-breaking news and updates on the latest trends and technologies during the Philippine Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition (PSECE), an annual international event (the only one of its kind in the country) for the leading companies in the semiconductor and electronics industry. The convention attracts distinguished local and foreign speakers as well as foreign and local exhibitors to show new products and share valuable information.
  • Continuously addresses various industry concerns through Technical Working Groups (TWGs), facilitates advocacy initiatives, and represents the best interests of its members and the industry.
  • Partners with government agencies such as DTI/BOI, PEZA, TESDA, DOST, DENR, DOLE and DOT.
  • Offers various sports and recreational activities, fellowships and social gatherings scheduled throughout the year, such as golf tourneys, badminton, bowling, runs and other activities to foster camaraderie and establish relationships among the members.
  • Participates and/or hosts meetings of the World Electronics Forum (WEF) to discuss common interests, exchange information and strengthen relations with electronics industry organizations worldwide.

  • Provides extensive services to its members from A to Z (view services).
  • Provides consultancy, CSR (employment mission, relief and housing for disaster victims, Run For-a-Cause, etc.), interface with government, academe and other stakeholders.
  • Opens SEIPI Helpdesk, a central point of contact for assistance by phone or email.
  • Members save 10-20% on registration fee and booth costs during PSECE’s conventions and exhibitions.
  • Members receive regular invitations from SEIPI’s counterpart organizations in Asia. Subsidies are given when available.

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