SEIPI President

The Office of the President, the Management Committee (Mancom) and the operations team compose the main working group of SEIPI, tasked to implement its various plans and programs. The goal is to make SEIPI the benchmark industry organization by enabling and driving efficient and effective professional business services and solutions from SEIPI members and its key stakeholders.

The President plans, leads, organizes and implements industry actions on important issues, with the view of strengthening the sector and helping it to sustain the growth it has achieved through the years.




Dr. Danilo C. Lachica


Mabelle Dela Cruz
Business Lead

Yolanda Punsalan
Senior Industry Analyst

Leila Guinto
Industry Analyst

Jersha Dacayana
Industry Analyst

Ernest Fegarido
Industry Analyst

Charmagne Castro
Industry Analyst

Perci Blancaflor


Jenny Esmao
Business Lead

Faye De Castro
Industry Analyst

Keithe Arrieta
Industry Analyst

Erika Baylon
Industry Analyst


Jaja Gaid
Business Lead

Iara Arandilla
Business Lead

Imee Lopez
Industry Analyst

Ariane Blancia
Industry Analyst

Debs Buenafe
Senior Industry Analyst

Maribel Calakhan
Industry Analyst

Kathlynne Dizon
Industry Analyst

Cille Ayala
Industry Analyst

Mia Dilla
Industry Analyst

Diane Benavidez
Industry Analyst

Rolanie Villanueva
Industry Analyst


Sheenah Gumabon
Finance Officer

Analin Lozano
Accounting Staff

Rejoy Pantas
Accounting Staff

The SEIPI Networking Committees (NWCs) comprised of the mid-level management, such as Directors, Managers and Supervisors, meet regularly. There are eight (8) NWCs covering functional areas that are vital to the success of the industry. These are safety and environmental protection and plant engineering, manufacturing engineering, finance, information and technology, logistics, human resource, purchasing and asset protection. All member companies are eligible to send their representatives to various NWCs. Considered as the core of SEIPI’s activities, these NWCs act as the platforms for benchmarking and exchange of ideas among peers of mid-level managers from the various member companies.
  • NWCs act as the platform for benchmarking and exchanging of ideas.
  • There are monthly NWC Meetings and active e-groups which can facilitate exchange of information and advice on best-known practices in their respective companies.
  • SEIPI provides learning centers for NWCs use and assigned coordinators to implement its activities and initiatives.

One of SEIPI’s objectives is to strengthen the global competitiveness of the industry. Through the NWCs, SEIPI organizes a wide variety of training programs geared to the current needs of members.

The eight (8) Networking Committees are:

  1. AESSEP Association of Electronics and Semiconductor for Safety and Environmental Protection
  2. ASEFEX – Association of SEIPI Finance Executives
  3. ASEMEP – Association of Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Engineers of the Philippines
  4. ASITEP – Association of SEIPI Information Technology Executives and Professionals
  5. ASPA – Association of SEIPI Personnel Administrators
  6. ASPM – Association of SEIPI Purchasing Managers
  7. ASLM – Association of SEIPI Logistics Managers
  8. APPS – Asset Protection Professionals of SEIPI

Technical Working Group

SEIPI creates different Technical Working Groups (TWGs) as the need arises. A NWC addresses the member’s priority issues and concerns and represents the industry in public for a.

  • TWG on Power
  • TWG on Labor
  • TWG on Allied and Support Industries

Membership Committee

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Recruit new member companies with your primary focus (MNC’s).
  2. Screen and approve the application of new members through email.
  3. Recommend SEIPI membership policy guidelines.
  4. Attend the SEIPI Membership Committee meetings.
  5. Select the head of the SEIPI Membership Committee.

Sports and Recreation Committee

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide directions and identify sports fellowships and recreational programs that would develop camaraderie, friendship and networking among the members of the industry.
  2. Recommend SEIPI sports and recreation policies and procedural guidelines (if needed).
  3. Promote the identified SEIPI sports and recreation programs; communicate the value and benefits of joining; and encourage participation of members in these identified programs.
  4. Attend the SEIPI Sports and Recreation Committee meetings.
  5. Select the head of the SEIPI Sports and Recreation Committee.

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