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Membership Fee

An initial joining fee of P5, 000.00 is required. An affiliate membership fee is set at 15, 000.00. For educational institutions, Membership dues are waived.


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Reasons For Joining
Key Contacts

Please provide the following information for each of the assigned key contact roles within the member company. To effectively streamline communications, it is important that SEIPI have the most accurate information possible with regard to individual expertise and area of responsibility.

Networking Committees

Please provide information on individuals representing your company in the various Networking Committees of SEIPI.

Documentary Requirements

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NOTE: Required only for new membership application.
Letter of Intent addressed to the SEIPI President, Dr. Dan Lachica

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Environmental Clearance Certificate (for Regular and Associate Membership Applicants only)

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Certificate of Total Number of Employees (both permanent and contractual)

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Membership Agreement

Article 1
Membership in SEIPI shall be limited to corporate members (as amended on 15 September 1998).
Article 2
SEIPI’s Membership Committee shall recommend membership to SEIPI after evaluation considering the following criteria among others:

  1. Willingness to abide by and support the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws;
  2. Approval by a vote of majority of the Membership Committee constituting quorum in either a regular or special meeting;
  3. Meets other criteria as approved by the Membership Committee.

Article 3
Membership may be lost or terminated by:

  1. Failure to pay the membership dues or any approved special assessments within ninety (90) days from written demand by SEIPI.
  2. Expulsion due to any cause by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the entire membership of the Board during a regular or special Board Meeting;
  3. Voluntary withdrawal by a member upon sixty (60) days prior written notice; but unpaid dues or assessments must be settled first before clearance is issued.

Article 4
Separation of Representative from employment for any reason or whatsoever shall automatically disqualify such representative from acting on behalf of the member provided however that each member undertakes to formally inform SEIPI in writing of such separation within 48 hours from knowledge thereof.